ESSR 2020 Virtual Ultrasound Workshop

Saturday September 26 2020

Ultrasound in Sports Injuries and Tumors


ESSR Ultrasound Workshop has traditionally been organized during the ESSR Annual Meeting attracting numerous delegates, Radiologists and non-Radiologists, Radiographers and students. It offers excellence in Ultrasound Education by highly skilled and reputed Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSK US) Radiologists.

Based on this year’s topic “Sports and Tumors” the one-day study, initially designed for ESSR 2020 in Stockholm, goes virtual on Saturday, September 26th 2020. All that is needed, in order to be part of this virtual experience, is an electronic device and internet connection.

As originally planned, the program is divided in three main sections:

First, “Anatomy Demos”: video demonstrations of MSK US experts performing the examination, offering tips and tricks on the examination protocol while the US scan produced is presented simultaneously.
Second, “Video Demos”: demonstrations of US scans on important MSK Pathologies and Interventional Procedures.
Third, “Rapid Fire”: lectures focusing on pearls of US pathology in Sports Injuries and Soft-Tissue Tumors Diagnosis and Treatment.