"If you have an MSK imaging research project requiring funding, AMSIG can provide up to $10,000 if your application is approved by the executive."

The purpose of these research grants is to foster and provide research experience to AMSIG members and student members of AMSIG.

Grants may also support an initial pilot project prior to a large grant submitted to another funding body.

Applicants are required to complete a detailed application form for consideration by the AMSIG Radiology Research Committee.

Project funding is restricted to $10 000 per project. Timelines and topics are not restricted and allocations will be at the discretion of the AMSIG Research Committee.

Those successful in being awarded funding are asked to present their research at an AMSIG meeting and to submit their work for publication.

Please Note

  • All sections of the application form must be completed with the correct information.
  • Supplementary documents must be attached to this application.
  • Ensure that all relevant signatures are provided.
  • Ensure that your current curriculum vitae (CV) accompany this application.
  • Scan your completed document and then email to the AMSIG Secretary at
  • The review process may take 1-2 months.
  • It is anticipated that successful applicants will be announced following the review process.

Download Grant Application Form:

AMSIG Research Grant Application Form →

[Updated July 2020]