Ladies, gentlemen and colleagues,

We hope that you have found 2021 to be a useful, entertaining and informative meeting. The Pre-Meeting SpA Workshop and AMSIG Academy were also events which were well received.

Thanks go to our excellent presenters - international and local. The content and the interactions have been so stimulating - sometimes illustrating the complexity of problems and the fact that there is not always a simple answer. Thanks too to you all, the attendees - for the constant stream of questions and observations which I hope our team including our excellent moderators and chairs managed to largely answer.

Thanks also to our sponsors - Janssen, Sonic Imaging, Canon Medical, GE, Obex and Advahealth. We could not have produced this meeting without their involvement and support. Particular thanks to my co-conveners: Cathy Hayter, Jennie Noakes, Julie Schatz and Emily Davidson, as well as Greg Cowderoy and the Executive for their cooperation, particularly when we had to absorb the costs of the cancellation last year.

Finally this meeting would never have happened so smoothly without the significant skills and engagement of our conference organisers, Jill and Annie, and Michael and the Vidcom team who kept us all, wherever we were, online.

Just a reminder - the videos of the meeting are available now for all attendees until the end of October 2021. After this time, they will be uploaded to the AMSIG members – only section of the website

Best regards

Assoc/Prof Bruno Giuffre
On behalf of the 2021 Conference Committee