24th AMSIG Annual Scientific Meeting


Saturday May 8 & Sunday May 9 2021


Assoc/Prof Bruno Giuffrè, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Dr Catherine Hayter , Castlereagh Imaging, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Dr Jennie Noakes, Castlereagh Imaging, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Dr Julie Schatz, Alfred Medical Imaging, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Dr Emily Davidson, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney Australia




On behalf of the Australasian Musculoskeletal Imaging Group (AMSIG) executive and the convenors, we would like to invite you (yet again) to join us at the 24th Annual Scientific Virtual Meeting on May 8-9 2021

The events of 2020 have impacted on us all in many ways. Not only in our workplaces and personally with restrictions on our movements, but also by cancelling and postponing so many of our regular teaching and networking opportunities. Our thoughts go out to those who have had more significant effects than just inconvenience.

Because of ongoing uncertainties, in Australia and throughout the world and in view of likely significant international travel disruption for the foreseeable future, it has become increasingly clear, that we will need to plan for an entirely digital, virtual meeting. That said, we are working hard to ensure that this will be a truly memorable virtual event.

The program will be almost unchanged, but the speaker presentations will be pre-recorded to guarantee optimal quality. In each segment of the program, these recorded talks will be followed by an interactive segment from the same speakers to allow questions and further discussion. We are planning to run the workshops virtually as well – look out for further announcements as these details are confirmed.

Our meeting is the principal event for musculoskeletal radiologists in the Oceania region. The coming year’s presentations will largely be on the topics of rheumatological and tumour imaging. The focus on the meeting will be to try to address some of the problem cases, which are experienced even in general radiology, reporting on a variety of joint and tumour problems. We have invited experts in imaging, orthopaedic surgery, and rheumatology to encourage collaboration between specialties and ensure relevant contemporary radiology practice.

The format of the meeting will be the usual all-day Saturday and Sunday morning. Three overseas experts, Anne Cotten, Robert Lambert and David Salonen will be remote but still very much involved. They will be joined by local radiologists and rheumatologists from Australia and New Zealand to discuss imaging of joints, focusing predominantly on recent developments and areas where, even for the musculoskeletal imaging expert, there will be useful and interesting insights. The Sunday morning first session is now planned as a recorded mock Tumour Board session with the multidisciplinary group from the Royal Prince Alfred illustrating the expert approach to a range of not uncommon and often incidental bone and soft tissue tumours – when to image further, when to refer, and newer diagnostic developments.

The later development in our planning for AMSIG 2020 was the AMSIG Academy – an opportunity to allow radiology trainees to practice viva cases and have some exposure to case analysis by MSK radiologists experienced in the DRANZCR II MSK viva exams. This will also be part of the AMSIG 2021 meeting, with real-time interaction for the trainees.

AMSIG members and non-members are welcome to attend, with the conference open to radiologists, rheumatologists, surgeons, sports medicine physicians, radiographers, sonographers, and physiotherapists. Attendees will have the opportunity to update their knowledge in musculoskeletal medicine and imaging, reconnect with colleagues, review the latest technology on offer from exhibitors and interact with experts in various fields.

We hope you can join us 'virtually' in May 2021.

Drs Cathy Hayter, Jennie Noakes, Julie Schatz, Emily Davidson and Bruno Giuffrè

AMSIG 2021 - 24th Annual Scientific Virtual Meeting