Membership of AMSIG is open to people with a strong interest in musculoskeletal imaging.

AMSIG Membership Fees - 2021

Membership Renewal:

  • OPTION 1 - 2021 AMSIG Annual Membership Renewal*
    | $275.00 AUD (inc GST)
  • OPTION 2 - 2021 AMSIG Annual Membership Renewal*
    + Skeletal Radiology (PRINT EDITION)
    | $330.00 AUD (inc GST)

Yearly (recurring charge, for Annual Membership)
- next renewal period commences 10/01/2021)

NEW Membership & Joining Fee:

  • OPTION A - 2021 AMSIG Annual Membership* & JOINING FEE
    | $385.00 AUD (inc GST)
  • OPTION B - 2021 AMSIG Annual Membership* & JOINING FEE
    + PRINT SUBSCRIPTION to Skeletal Radiology
    | $440.00 AUD (inc GST)

*Includes electronic journal subscription and access to "Skeletal Radiology"
All prices shown in $AUD

Skeletal Radiology - Springer

Skeletal Radiology

A Journal of Radiology, Pathology and Orthopedics
AMSIG Membership includes an electronic subscription to Skeletal Radiology.
A hard copy journal subscription can be purchased for an additional $55 (OPTION 2 - Membership Renewal or OPTION B - For New Members)

It is anticipated that members will spend a significant part of their working week in musculoskeletal imaging but membership is also open to sports physicians, pathologists, rheumatologists and others in related disciplines with an interest in musculoskeletal imaging.

Attendance at the annual meetings is open to all but members receive early notification of these meetings, have access to MSK colleagues for clinical discussion and can apply for research funding.


Application for 2021 AMSIG Membership can be made via completion of the AMSIG Membership Form which can be downloaded here on the AMSIG website.

The completed form should be returned via email along with a copy of the applicants CV and a supporting letter from a full member.

The AMSIG Secretary
(Dr Lara Sweetman)

STEP 2 & 3
Once your Membership Application has been confirmed by the AMSIG Executive, you will receive a confirmation email and link to register your member profile online (Step 2).
You will then be required to make a secure payment of Membership Fees via the AMSIG online membership portal (Step 3) via the link provided.

Membership Application & Enquiries

Membership applications should be emailed to the AMSIG Secretariat:

AMSIG Secretary
Dr Lara Sweetman

Updated: July 2021