2020 AMSIG Sydney

The 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of AMSIG is being held at the SMC Conference and Function Centre in central Sydney on the weekend of May 2-3.

Bruno Guiffre, Cathy Hayter, Jennie Noakes, Julie Schatz and Emily Davidson are our conveners. They have put together a great program with central themes of Rheumatology and Tumour Imaging.

We are honoured to have four eminent international speakers:

  • Anne Cotten from France;
  • Robert Lambert from Canada;
  • David Salonen from Canada;
  • Katrina Glazebrook from USA

We also have a wealth of Australasian talent presenting at the meeting.

Axial Spondyloarthritis (SpA) Case based workshop

Special mention should be made of an excellent interactive spondyloarthropathy workshop presented by Robert Lambert with the assistance of the international team. The workshop will be held on Friday May 1 with 50 registrants in the morning and will be repeated in the afternoon. Register early to avoid disappointment!

Early Bird Registration

Early Bird registration for the annual scientific meeting has commenced (Early-Bird Registration Closes 27 March 2020) . We are expecting a large number of registrants. Attendance to the members’ dinner and the workshop will be limited so get in early.

AMSIG Membership

AMSIG has instituted automatic renewal of annual membership. This has been successful and reduced the administrative burden on the secretary and treasurer. We are continuing to improve this process as unforeseen problems arise. Please check your credit card details and expiry date in the members section of the AMSIG website to ensure that renewal proceeds automatically. If you do not want to have your membership renewed, please opt out by contacting Lara, our AMSIG secretary [amsigsecretary@gmail.com].

Radiology Across Borders

The annual AMSIG, Radiologists Across Borders educational collaboration was held on the weekend of November 23-24 in Cambodia. Our two members presenting at the meeting were Paul O’Connell from Brisbane and Barnaby Clark from Auckland. The meeting was coordinated by David Mitchell from the Gold Coast on behalf of RAB. Bruce Forster from the University of British Columbia also attended. A large attendance by Cambodian health professionals, including radiologists, imaging technicians and clinicians were in attendance.

Thank you Barnaby for providing AMSIG’s first lecture in the RAB international online lecture series. The AMSIG/ RAB collaboration in 2020 is expected to be back in Vietnam.  Please let Lara, our AMSIG secretary [amsigsecretery@gmail.com], know if you would like to contribute to next year’s meeting.

International Skeletal Society Annual Scientific Meeting

The International Skeletal Society Annual Scientific Meeting was held in Vancouver during September. This was once again an excellent meeting, attended by a large number of international delegates and speakers. I encourage you to attend next year’s meeting to be held in Barcelona, Spain in October 2020. There is an initial members’ meeting on the Monday and Tuesday followed by an excellent MSK course Wednesday to Friday that is open to all registrants.

ISS is encouraging cooperation and communication between the many MSK Imaging Societies around the world. The third meeting of the International Intersociety MSK Committee was held at this year’s meeting chaired by the ISS president Larry White.

Members Invited to Join Three New ISS Subcommittees

We are inviting members of AMSIG to volunteer to contribute to three ISS subcommittees that have been formed to be made up of members of MSK societies from around the world:

  1. An artificial intelligence committee
  2. An international lecture series committee to help catalogue and contribute lectures to the library.
  3. A white paper committee to post documents such as curricula, diagnostic pathways and other educational documents on the ISS website.

Please email Lara, the AMSIG secretary, if you would like to contribute.

ISS MSK Educational Content & Core Lecture Series

The ISS has expanded educational content on its website that is freely available to all. This includes a core lecture series based on the United States MSK imaging curriculum and an international series of lectures provided by societies from around the world. AMSIG has nine lectures on this site with the intention of building this content further. Please relay this information to radiology and clinical registrars as well as radiologists and clinicians as it provides a valuable, freely available resource.

International MSK Imaging Societies

Many of the MSK Imaging societies around the world would like interaction with AMSIG. One of the best opportunities is to attend and provide speakers for each others meeting’s. Societies from South Africa, India, Korea, France, Switzerland, UK and Spain have all requested this type of interaction. If you would be interested in speaking at a fellow society’s meeting in the future, please email the secretary so that we have a list of members to whom we can reach out when a request for a speaker arises. (See Upcoming MSK Meetings & Events on our website)

I am looking forward to seeing you at the AMSIG Annual Scientific Meeting in May 2020.

All the best until then,

Greg Cowderoy

(*Web editor's note: President's October Report updated December 2019 due to publishing delays.)