Dr Sanjay DhupeliaDear Colleagues

As you may be aware, I recently took over from George Koulouris in the role of President of AMSIG. I wish take this opportunity to thank George for the work he has done during his time as President and for his ongoing support. I look forward to the challenge ahead and building on prior achievements.

One of the key outcomes from our AGM and last executive meeting was to provide 3-4 annual email updates to keep our Membership up to date on current issues, current meetings, future AMSIG meetings and recent “must read” articles as well as informing you of AMSIG Member benefits.

Your society continues to be actively involved with the College and the Government to represent the interest of our Society. We have been involved in providing feedback to Government groups in the imaging of osteoarthrosis through a joint submission from AMSIG and the ACS (Australian College of Surgeons). GP referred MRI imaging of the knee is currently being reviewed given the rapid increase in costs associated with this item number (now ~$100 million pa). I have been involved with the Knee Imaging Work Group (KIWG) which has had several meetings. Consensus was not reached, however, some recommendations have been submitted to the Diagnostic Imaging Group which will review this and provide recommendation to Government. AMSIG will keep the membership updated of future developments as they become apparent.

We continue to formalize inter society memberships with other musculoskeletal imaging groups. We have a strong relationship with SAMSIG and we are currently in discussion with ISS, SSR, ESSR & BSSR. We hope to formalize a relationship which will have promotional benefits. This relationship would also permit a number of AMSIG members the ability to attend these other societies' meetings at the local member rate of registration.

I am proud to announce that AMSIG has signed an affiliation agreement with the Society of Skeletal Radiology. The initial phase focuses on cross promotion of our societies and meetings. In addition, we have entered a reciprocal arrangement where up to 10 AMSIG members per annum will now be able to attend the previously closed SSR meeting at SSR Member rates (plus an administration fee).
The next SSR meeting details are here:

George and I recently met with Lynne Steinbach from the executive of the International Skeletal Society (ISS) in Paris to further intersociety relations. We continue to look to strategies to add value to the AMSIG Membership.

Dr Greg Cowderoy - AMSIG Vice President

I wish to welcome Dr Greg Cowderoy to the AMSIG executive as Vice President. Greg is a prior AMSIG meeting convenor who brings great experience and a keen interest in Musculoskeletal imaging to the executive. I look forward to working with him.

I look forward to the next AMSIG meeting in Melbourne 2017 and hope to see you there.

Kind regards
Dr Sanjay Dhupelia
AMSIG President