AMSIG recommends that members continue to perform image guided corticosteroid injections during the Covid-19 pandemic where they are clinically indicated following informed consent.

The recommendations of the British Society of Skeletal Radiology can be accessed through the following link.
AMSIG recommends that you consider these recommendations and the data that they are based on.

The original posting of the BSSR guidelines on the AMSIG website caused confusion for some Radiologists.  The British guidelines do not advocate ceasing corticosteroid injections completely;

  • A decision on whether to use intra-articular, perineural or soft tissue steroid injections for the management of pain in a patient with complex medical needs should be made in conjunction with the relevant specialist medical team as there may be situations where low dose steroid pain management is the best of the considered treatment options for the individual even during the pandemic.


AMSIG acknowledges that the medical systems in Australia and New Zealand are significantly different to those in Great Britain where more centralized specialist services pose a greater risk for Covid-19 transmission. The image guided services offered in Britain also vary considerably to those offered in Australia and New Zealand.


(Updated March 30, 2020)